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Goose Pond Caterers

Where Cooking is Love Made Edible!


About Us

Cooking and serving brings us joy. It's as simple as that. Nothing puts a smile in our hearts quicker than a satisfied catering customer! As the old saying goes," This ain't our first rodeo." We started out more than three decades ago on eastern Long Island with a delicatessen, then progressed to owning/operating two catering halls and a busy off premise catering business. Realizing the country life was all we ever really wanted, we relocated here to Pennsylvania. We owned/operated Ledgedale BBQ Pit there for 12 years, where we acquired a wonderful following of fantastic guests! Realizing off-premise catering was our true calling, we have now decided to work exclusively as such. We did so for more than 10 years and have now relocated, to the beautiful South Carolina town of Saint George (aka the Town of Friendly People!!)  We hope for the opportunity to serve you and your distinguished guests! -Fondly, Kate​ and the crew

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